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Covid-19 regulations have meant that I can now start my lessons and groups again. It has been such a joy to watch all the dogs come back ready to go (and I think handlers as well). I have seen some lovely dogs over the last few weeks and helped people enjoy their puppies. I moved to new ground for around 10 days while the car park in Droxford was being repaired and thank you to the land owner for allowing us to play on their grounds.

I have been back to the New Forest for a few lessons. The New Forest is such a beautiful space. My first away-days are in progress with 2 wonderful groups challenging the dogs in preparation for Working Test Season.

Now looking forward to the rest of 2021, All pet classes (puppies, older puppies, teanagers and fun agility) run on a Wednesday.

A new puppy course will be available from the 9th June. This will be a 6 week course covering all those basic skills you need to help raise a happy and healthy puppy. Older puppy course will also start on this date.

All gundog groups are run on a Thursday and Sunday. Please check the website for more details.

Lesson prices will also increase from June 2021 to £35.00.

Please do contact me if you would like to discuss a lesson or a class,

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