FTAW Gospelash Hot Eddie of Philchris

Eddie is my 3 year old and is a son of Riley (Mum is Tammy - Nordenlights Cheyenne of Gospelash).

Eddie is a very happy, lively dog with a good head on him. He is fast and stylish and loves to work. He is very brave and is confident on any terrain. He is a great game finding dog with a very big nose.  

I have completed with Eddie in Working Tests and he has started his field trial career this season, gaining a 3rd on his first time out. 

Eddie is also fully health tested with good results. 

Hips 5/4,

Elbows: 0/0,

Eyes: Clear (07/20

PRA1&2: Clear,

prcd-PRA: Clear, 

ICT: Clear

Excellent EBV's